www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Hand Sanitizers & Dispensers KIT CARE Medimaxx ANTIMICROBIAL HAND cleaner 9 Fast and easy method for sanitizing and protecting hands. No need for water, soap or rinsing. 9 Kills common disease-causing germs and bacteria within seconds. 9 Dries quickly without leaving a film or residue. 9 Contains aloe to moisturize and soften the skin. 9 Ideal for first aid room use, and professional health care staff. 9 For use with or without water for fast cleansing. 9 Removes tough substances from the skin while providing antisepsis. 9 Removes dirt, grease, paint, varnish, shellac, urethane, resin, stains, ink, dye, tar, car- bon, pine gum, rust, and adhesives. 9 Effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeasts and fungal micro organisms. 9 Contains chloroxylenol to provide antisepsis, and emollients to moisturize and soften the skin. 9 Biodegradable. Product Code A4-624 Medimaxx Sanitizer 800 mL refill A11-625 Medimaxx Wall Dispenser KIT CARE DELUXE HEAVY DUTY HAND SANITIZER STAND 9 Base and upright tube are one piece all welded construction (18 ga. cold rolled steel) with a silver powder coated finish. 9 Mounting plate is 12 ga. crs in a white epoxy coated finish. 9 A 7” x 7” (18 x 18 cm) area on the mounting plate can be used for promotional or instruction signage. 9 The optional waste container (A4-1600-501) is made of a rotationally moulded polyethylene and is leak-proof. 9 Mounting screws included: 9 Two (2) 10-24 unc machine screws (Phillips head) to secure dispenser to mounting plate. 9 One (1) 5/16-18 unc machine screw (Phillips head) to secure mounting plate to tube support. 9 Will fit most dispensers. Product Code A11-1600 Sanitizing Dispenser Stand, silver epoxy finish A4-1600-500 Additional Mounting Plate, to produce a double dispenser unit A4-1600-501 Waste Container and Mounting Bracket A11-1600 A4-1600-500 A11-1600 A4-1600-500 Additional 12 ga. Steel plate in bottom helps stabilize unit. Optional waste receptacle: A4-1600-501 Mounting plate is white epoxy coated heavy duty 12 ga. steel. One piece all welded 18 ga. Steel base and tube support. KIT CARE ANTIMICROBIAL HAND CLEANSING TOWELETTES 9 Reduces the chance of cross contamination. Effective against gram-positive and gram- negative bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts. 9 Ideal for cleansing caregiver’s hands prior to patient care. 9 For use in hospitals, emergency centres, clinics, ambulances, mobile units, institutions, and first aid rooms. 9 Contains aloe vera to soften hands. 9 Active ingredients: parachlorometaxylenol 0.5% (PCMX), 40% alcohol. 9 Individually packaged in compact, single-use foil sachets. Product Code A4-627 10/BOX 106