www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 104 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Hot/Cold Therapy Products RUB A535® ICE ANTIPHLOGISTINE GEL 9 Menthol gel penetrates deep down to provide fast action cold relief from stiff and sore muscles, muscle strains, sprains, backaches, and minor arthritic pain. 9 Stainless and greaseless formula. Product Code A4-684 Ice, 150 g (5.3 oz) A4-684D Dual Action, 100 g (3.5 oz) A4-684XS Extra Strength, 100 g (3.5 oz) DEEP COLD® THERAPY 9 Menthol analgesic gel for fast, long lasting relief from muscle aches, arthritic pains, and backaches. Product Code A4-685 100 g (3.5 oz) FLEX-ALL® MUSCLE PAIN RELIEVING GEL 9 Provides penetrating muscle relief from strains, sprains, tendonitis, and backaches. Product Code A4-686 113 g (4 oz) ABSORBINE® JR. LINIMENT 9 For fast, warm, soothing relief from muscular aches and pains caused by overexertion. 9 An effective antiseptic for superficial cuts, scrapes and abrasions. 9 Provides effective relief from non-poisonous insect bites and stings. 9 Kills athlete’s foot fungus. Product Code A4-687 118 mL (4 oz) HEADACHE TABLETS AND MEDICATIONS IN THE WORKPLACE According to a study of auto workers by the University of Michigan... 9 The workers surveyed reported visiting their company’s health/medical department on average 10 times per year. 9 The top four worker complaints that occurred while on the job were headaches, colds/sinus problems, muscle ache/pain, and burns. 9 73 percent of those surveyed regularly experienced headaches and cold and sinus symptoms while at work. 9 More than half (55 percent) of those surveyed experienced muscle and joint pain at work. 9 Almost half (46 percent) of employees experienced cuts and burns on their skin while on the job. 9 89 percent of those surveyed believed the over-the-counter medications provided by the company helped them feel well enough to complete their shifts. Other facts about Lost Time in the Workplace: 9 According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are 358 million work-loss days each year related to acute conditions. 9 Each year, there are more than 75 million work-loss days due to influenza. Workers highly recommend having Medications available in work settings that do not presently have them. Receive your complete copy of the study by contacting Kit Care Corporation at 1-800-387-1858.