www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 98 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Eye Wash Solutions ph7 buffered isotonic eyewash solution 9 Ready-to-use, sterile rinse for eye irrigation. Relieves irritations caused by foreign materials, dust, pollutants, and fatigue. 9 Contains a buffering solution to help neutralize eyes following exposure to acid or alkaline substances. 9 PH7 balanced to liquid in eyes. Product Code A5-408 30 mL (1 oz) A5-402 100 mL (5 oz) A5-403 1 litre (35 oz) A5-450 4 litre (1.1 gallon U.S.) kit care economy EYE WASH solution 9 Ready-to-use, sterile antiseptic cleanser for eye irriga- tion. Relieves irritations due to foreign materials, dust, pollutants, and fatigue. 9 Contains 2.5% (weight by volume) boric acid. Product Code A5-413 250 mL (9 oz) A5-414 500 mL (17.6 oz) A5-417 1 litre (35 oz) A5-418 4 litre (1.1 gallon U.S.) EYESALINE® CONCENTRATE FOR PORTABLE EYEWASH STATIONS 9 Can be mixed directly in Porta Stream® unit with tap (potable) water. Produces 60.6 litres (16 gallons U.S.) of solution. Product Code A5-451 Eyesaline® Concentrate 5.32 litres (180 oz) A5-451-90 Eyesaline® Concentrate 2.07 litres (70 oz) kit care neutralize sterile solution 9 Ready-to-use buffered solution works fast to neutralize chemical burns (acid) in the eyes or on any external part of the body. 9 Special formulation helps the eyes or the skin return to their normal pH levels. Product Code A5-448 100 mL (3.5 oz) A5-407 1 litre (35 oz) A5-449 4 litre (1.1 gallon U.S.)